These patches will upgrade HW F2.0 to latest UIM.xx - no earlier upgrade is needed.

See Folder listing below for latest version

I've also uploaded the latest release of ASROC.. a tool to auto detect that your hosted game has crashed and restart it.. (Mun has recently given me some code which should allow ASROC to work on all versions of hardwar and automatically find the info needed to make itself work with future versions of hardwar.
So here’s the new version of ASROC using Mun's code:) -- Plagued Mind 30/12/2004

History::Well folks, for those of you who don't know. Ian Martin was part of the programming team at software refinery. Unfortunately they had to shut up shop some time ago. Before they did so they where working on some patches for hardwar (the U3 beta series) which never got finished. 3.04b was the most usable without extra tweaks. But still had some problems with online game stability. This summer (2004) Ian Martin arrived on Captain Zedo's forum to announce his intention to fix these remaining issues & hopefully add a few new things. The beta testing of UIM has now been completed. And this is the general release of this patch. For a full list of features & improvements click the readme button in hardman when UIM.xx has been installed.

Enjoy Wez..

Making Videos

Some time ago, a facility was added to allow silent videos to be created. There are
problems with this facility, but used with care, it can create effective videos.

This is acheived by recording your actions for a short period, then replaying that recording,
grabbing each frame into incrementally numbered 24 bit BMP files. Use a third part
utility to create an AVI, MPEG or QT, using those BMPs.

a) To record, set the detail options for highest speed. You need to be able to record at
12 or 24 frames per second.

Start a single player game, and get to the point where you wish to start recording. Save
the game. For this example , your save is called "vid1.sav"

In the command prompt, go to the hardwar directory, and enter:-

hardwarw.exe /t:load "vid1.sav" /t:recordsave

Act out the scene. A maximum scene of 30 seconds is recommended.

b) To play back and grab at 24 frames per second:-

Set the detail options to maximum. Choose a sensible resolution for the video.

hardwarw.exe /t:load "vid1.sav" /t:recordplaygrab24

Lots of BMPs will be created in your hardwar folder.

You can then use these to create a video. Specify 24 frames per second.