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-- This is the full game except for the videos & backing music --
download & install the demo download 11.9mb
download & install the patch download 1.73mb
download and install the missingres.exe download 4.53mb

-- playing the patched demo game --
-- want to play through the game plot --
-- you'll need to read the walkthrough --
-- as the videos normally tell you what to do --

A more detailed explanation of installation is listed below
In addition the bottom section of the page
has some additional tools for enhancing the game.

Hardwar Demo made by SR download 11.9mb self extracting .exe zip format,
Your restricted to Alpha crater, with a little mission to play through.. You'll soon incur the wrath of the local citizens and have a taste of how hard life is in misplaced optimism.

2.04 patch download 1.73mb zip format - extract it and run the exe to install..
This patch updates the cd version of the game to fix some bugs and add a few new features.
But also (intentionally or not) this official patch written by SR will unlock the demo
You can now play the full game.. you won't get any background music or plot videos & a few textures are missing
see below for a solution to this..

- note any games saved in earlier versions will not be playable.

Added features of the patch..

Fixes a few bugs & graphics updates

Adds a new moth the Swallow
The swallow is very fast & invisible to radar. AI pilots will still attack you but you have to be in visible range of them to be noticed. Also the swallow can fly faster than any other moth when your carrying a heavy load of cargo making it the most useful for trade runs.

Other extra's

Trojan weapon this is a dummy cargo item you load as a weapon, when fired it deposits "minerals". When you or anyone else picks them up they explode killing you/them outright.

Cloning capabilities.. die & be resurected in your hanger minus your destroyed moth.

Also new options for how to start in an offline game e.g start in a neo tiger with a fusion cell fitted, or with your own hanger and a lot of cash.

Fix for missing textures & resources - in demo/patch game

I've used E_Voids (aka cypher) extractor to compare the patched version of the demo with the full version 2.04 game patched hardwar.res file. There where 31 files missings in the demo + patch 2.04 version which I have now extracted and put in a self extracting zip for download from hardwar.info. Please feel free to upload this file to your own hardwar site so that as many people as possible can find it.

Demo Patch Solution

missingres.exe missing resources file download 4.53mb

Download the hardwar demo & install it
Download patch 2.04 & install it
Download the missingres.exe
-- extract it to you hardwar installation folder.
-- e.g c:\program files\hardwar\

These are pretty much just graphics such as scenery textures. But without them you will come accross a few problems/error messages running the patched demo.

If you get any messages about other missing files
post a message at Ade's and i'll see if I can find them.

Download News.

See here for Smurphs update on Hardwar E (enhanced)