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This is the most current version of hardwar.




HARDWAR E = Beta 3.05 (Enhanced)

Many thanks to smurph for his work on the current Hardwar E release and his compilation of the latest information on it.

Smurph has continued in the footsteps of Max & Mun to enhance & fix hardwar patch beta3.05.

3.05 was Software Refineries last beta patch for hardwar. It contains a few cripling bugs which have gradually been removed by hardwar community members.

If you have any feedback on any remaining bugs or have idea's for enhancements etc please contact folks via the hardwar forums i've listed.

Download E.92.1.E here! download
(file and link updated on 14th August)

Eventually got the next version to a state worthy of release - major changes are to the economy, plus a number of other minor updates. Bounty hunters will be pleased to know that pirates have got there crim records back.......Seems stable in offline (for me anyhow), I'd be interested in hearing your experiences with online games....

From the readme..... 14th AugustE.92.1.E

Installation - You must have U3.005 installed first.

In the zip file:

hardwarw.exe - game executable extract to you hardwar directory
hardwar.wld - game world file, extract to your hardwar directory to resolve some bugs in AI navigation (courtesy of Wez)

readme.txt - this file

economy.xls - price and recipe spreadsheet


New or updated in this version - e92.1.e

+ New price calculation algorithm to fix many bugs in ecomomy from previous versions.

Base prices are hardcoded in hardwarw.exe, can be edited with a hex editor

In game prices are calculated as follows.

In a hangar that produces an item.

Min sale price = Base Price
Max sale price = Base Price x 1.5
Actual price is in between these limits depending on the hangars stock level (more stock=cheaper goods)

In a hangar that buys an item.

Min buy price = Base Price x 1.5
Max buy price = Base price x 2
Actual price as above (hangar pays less the more it has)

In a hangar that resales an item

Min sale pice = Base Price x 2
Max sale price = Base Price x 3
Actual price as above (more stock=cheaper resale price)

If editing base prices or recipes beware that they should not be considered in isolation. The base price of a manufactured product should be no less than the sum of the base prices of it's ingrediants multiplied by 2. The included spreadsheet can help you calculate recommended base prices following changes.

+ Many changes to recipes and hangar max stock levels to increase economy efficiency and fix bugs from previous versions.

+ Trade centres opened (fixed price) to absorb overspill.

+ Spawning pirates and traders fit stock from resellers at during respawn time to create consistent ongoing demand for top-end items. Choice of weapons and equipment is semi random. You will see pirates with devastators and fusion cells, and traders with trojans and holograms!

+ Disabled writing of 'processorderready out of storage space' error to log file. This message was produced when a manufacturing hangar is fully stocked. Reduces log file size by approx. 80%, and reduces hourly 'lag' created whilst writing this message multiple times to the log file.

+ The police are activated (courtesy of Mun)

+ Pirates spawn with a low-level criminal record...Police turn a blind eye until they have killed at least one trader increasing their crim record (prevents over rapid turnover of pirates resulting in unsustainable demands on the economy).

+ All AI start with $25K. Reason 1: To make traders more efficient at moving stock around to keep up with demand. Reason 2: So pirates can manually fit plasmakannons (resolves a rare bug)

Features unchanged from previous versions.

+ Newly spawned pirates, traders and scavengers spawn in a semi random choice of moth.

+ Moth demand factor added in.

+ Q busting routine in place - any stuck Q bigger than 8 moths should disperse of it's own accord. A rare exception is when a Q is caused by a moth stock to the hangars airlock doors. This type of Q needs to be manually cleared in-game (ramming the stuck moth does the trick)

+ Cabs respawn.

+ Faction Pilots spawn with ready made moths (avoids a bug caused by the police code).

Features introduced by Max upto and including E92.1

* savegame reload crash fixed (BgFixID bug)
* supply-demand economy, updated in real time
* plot: 'body-parts smuggling' section restored
* throttle fix
* afterburner is now 'on-demand' (when and how long you want it)
* server save interval 1 minute
* take ownership of moth when owner is in 'limbo' -first one inside
* AI less likely to stop and recharge/repair unnecessarily when under attack
* target information feature (requires radar/target software)
-cab passenger
-target hull/power/energy/target's target
-extended cargo information
-police moths have access to criminal record/moth registration
-hangars will display their interest in moth's cargo
(normal in network client mode)
* repair costs proportional to hardware
* fog depth extended (can be reduced in the manager)
* pod values modified (general increase)

* 'rare' moth factory opened
* fusion cell fixed rate (very low)
- but high enough to sustain flight / rate reduces with damage
* economy monopoly factors
- sole purchaser / supplier
- rare item (on sale) price
* purchase/sell stock from a private hangar
- (blocks players/their thugs/repairs)
* moth recharge at affiliated hangar
* automatic moth repairs at owned hangar
* shield rate increases when critical ~1/3
-consumes energy / stops leaving enough energy to escape

* some cheating/exploit fixed
* mines/oreproc role modified
* world creation gaps filled-in (eg DT moths,Gen Ind. software)
* cab collect/deliver routes added (eg faction/gang - moth factories)
* extra traders,cabs,builders

+ default economy permission and purchase moth software from owned hangar
+ moth strengths based on moth type and pilot role eg. pirate,enforcer
+ scrubber / skinner patrols
+ AI Queueing fixes (not stuck-in-scenery bug related)
+ added cell4->fusion cell and fusion leakage hazard
+ damaging faction buildings == trouble / damage to clones
+ gamma estate agent covers + haven midway reservoir mines
+ manufacture all weapons

For more info on beta5 features see Timski's Faq

Known bugs -

AI still get stuck occasionally.

Weird camera angles in hangars (seems to be dependent on computer spec/graphics set-up)

Reports of problems with thugs - not fully investigated.

Reports of instability later in the plot/game - not fully investigated.

To do -

1) Have a long rest from coding for a while.....